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Free Quatro typeface

quatroPPRWRK studio is giving away for their beautiful Quatro typefacePPRWRK studio is an independent graphic design studio founded in 2004 by typographer and graphic designer Mark Caneso. Read more

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Typefaces based in lettering found in the streets from Chile

Typefaces based in lettering found in the streets from Chile is a site devoted to chilean typography and the typographers collective formed by Francisco Gálvez, Rodrigo Ramírez, Tono Rojas y Kote Soto. I met the site due to the project TUP Tipografías Urbano Populares by Luis Rojas H. and José Soto B. which consisted on creating digital typefaces starting from hand-crafted custom lettering in the streets of Chile. Read more

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8 typefaces for posters design

8 typefaces for posters design

We always need new fonts. Stop creating fonts would be like stop creating new foods. The design beast is always hungry so designers must feed him with new tasty dishes every time. Here’s a selection of fonts that might not be new, but some of them are little known and they are really good. Read more

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Japanese Kinetic Typography

Japanese Kinetic Typography

Most well known showcases of kinetic typography are based on western alphabet so I put together these motion type examples inspired by anime or japanese pop using kanji, hiragana or katakana. Read more

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Random Inspiration #3

Random Inspiration #3

A singer riding a dead horse coming out of a torn book. A plane carrying letters across the universe, calling home to do some shopping (awesome navigation) back in old England. Parrots & horses living the rebel green under the fireworks. Another issue of random inspirational stuff.

Read more

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New font in progress

I’m working on a new bold & delicious font in FontForge. This one is inspired by those fat letters in posters that are quite common today.

I’m using Art-Direction again to offset this image towards left in the single post page, hopefully it will work properly.



FF Dingbats 2.0 Sampler free download


Visit the new site for FF Dingbats 2.0 and while you’re there, download the sampler for free.


Interesting interview to Eric Gill conducted by MyFonts.

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Porchez Typofondiere releases Parisine Office PTF

Parisine Office PTF

Porchez Typofondiere, the digital type foundry from France, released today their new typeface Parisine Office PTF. The typeface itself is gorgeous but when you enable its OpenType features the font is completely transformed. Parisine Office looks like another font with its OpenType features enabled, from a serious sans-serif to a crazy curvy sexy font. Yet Parisine the stylistic marks are consistent through all the variants, and that makes them look like a perfect happy font family, you gotta love that `l´ character!

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Geometric book + 100 pattern fonts

Book cover

This geometric-book by Kapitza sisters is a visual delight. Not only the book has those beautiful colors and geometric patterns but tutorials as well. There’s a companion cd with 100 geometric pattern fonts, an amazing resource and inspiration as well for every designer. Kapitza, an East London based agency design is run by sisters Nicole & Petra Kapitza.

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TDC2 2009 Winners

TDC2 received 165 entries from 26 countries. See the 18 beautiful TDC2 2009 winning entries.

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