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Allground - Responsive Fullscreen Backgrounds for WordPress

Visual Attributes for WooCommerce variable products


WooCommerce offers a neat product type called Variable Products that allow a user to configure their final product choosing its attributes from a list of select elements. How cool and easy for the end user would it be to pick them visually clicking (or tapping in mobile) in images, icons or color swatches? Visual Attributes is a WooCommerce extension for Variable Products that allows you to do precisely this.

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Fullscreen Touch Product Gallery for WooCommerce


For most cases, the standard lightbox included with WooCommerce is good, but it falls short on a mobile device. This plugin for WordPress works replaces the lightbox gallery included with WooCommerce with a fullscreen gallery, with touch & swipe support that looks great in mobile devices and also your desktop.

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Dynamic Internal Links for WordPress


Internalinks is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to create dynamic links to other posts or pages in your WP installation and keep them always up to date if you change the post or page slug or even change your domain.

The problem: WordPress creates hardcoded links

When you create a link in WordPress, it’s hardcoded, meaning that if you ever change the slug from for example,


you would have to go through each page or post in your site where you have added a link to that post and update it.

Another issue is if you ever change your domain: all your links are broken since WordPress hardcodes them.

The solution: dynamic internal links

With Internalinks, the links are generated dynamically by its ID (optionall by its slug but not by a static URL) meaning that once you add a link with Internalinks in your page, you won’t have to go back and change it if you ever change the post slug or change your domain or even move a site to a subdomain.

Good For SEO

From a SEO perspective, internal links and the correct access to them are very important, so Internalinks even helps you keep your links up to date and have a better SEO score.

How it works

Is easy to create dynamic internal links with Internalinks: when you’re writing your post, click the new button that the plugin adds to the editor to launch the dialog to create your link


in the dialog, you can search for the post and set the title and label, and even add a nice icon next to it


Once you’re done, just click Insert and your link will be created in the post content.

Download Internalinks

You can download Internalinks for WordPress on CodeCanyon

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bbPress Thanks – WordPress Plugin


Despite the social networks rise, forums are still the preferred place to gather around a certain common interest and share stuff with others. But, there’s the leechers issue, those who come and go only sucking stuff without never saying thanks.

bbPress Thanks is a WordPress plugin that works with bbPress forums and allows the forum participants to provide their content only to those who say thanks clicking in a button for convenience.

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Add private content to bbPress topics and replies


If you run a support forum using bbPress, sometimes you need some information from your users that they want to keep private. You usually ask them to send the information to a private email address, but this disrupts the flow of the support thread. Instead, wouldn’t it be easier for the user to add the private information in their reply?

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Jetpack’s Infinite Scroll: enable for search results, disable for custom post type archives

Jetpack infinite scroll

Jetpack has the infinite scroll functionality ready for archive and blog views. However, it’s turned off for search results views. Learn how to enable Jetpack’s Infinite Scroll in search results using a filter and how to disable it for a custom post type archive.

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How to check in WordPress if a plugin is active in network or single site

WordPress check if plugin is active

While developing a theme or a plugin we sometimes need to check if a certain third-party plugin is available for use. Here you’ll learn a simple way to detect not only if the plugin is active in a single site but also if it’s network-wide enabled.
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ShareIt – Shareable Content Snippets for WordPress

Share It - Shareable content snippets for WordPress

When visitors read your awesome blog post they’ll often want to share some text quotes from it, pin some images or share both to Facebook. So why not making it easier for them? With the Share It plugin for WordPress you can create ready-to-share snippets in your post content.

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Table of Contents plugin for WordPress

Indexa - Table of Contents for WordPress

Table of contents are essential to navigate a long text and also to provide the visitor a quick overview of the text. Indexa is a WordPress plugin that creates a table of contents in your post, page or custom post type.

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Collapse – Collapsible Sliding Panels for WordPress

Collapse - Sliding Panel for WordPress

Collapse is a WordPress plugin to create sliding side panels in your site with images, videos, posts, widgets and more.

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